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Does KinesioTape Really Work ?

Posted by Donna Newman on

Healthy skeletal muscles are essential for your body. An injured muscle or tendon can make you feel slower or weaker than normal. If you are an athlete or you work in a profession that requires physical labor, keeping your body free from pain is important for your best performance. So, which thing will help you to keep your muscles fit? Which thing will improves your muscles faster than any other thing in injury? The answer is simple that is kinesiology tape.

 What is kinesiology tape?

Dr. Kenzo Kase of Japan who was a chiropractor acupuncturist and moxibustion therapist researched that effects of all types of therapies were effective, but they were not permanent. So, he researched for a thing which has long lasting effect named Kinesiology tape.

An elastic cotton strip with acrylic adhesive which is thin and stretchable is called kinesiology tape. The tape is water proof and sweat proof and can be stretched up to 40% - 60% of its resting length.

How kinesiology tape works?

In our body, fascia is a connective tissue that provides support against gravity in some parts of our body and it divides and separates the muscles and internal organs of our body. Fascia and lymph have a close relation with each other. Lymph is a fluid which clears cellular wastes and infectious organs from your body. Lymph channels pass through fascia between the bone and muscle. When a muscle or joint becomes injured, the flow of lymph increases which causes assembling of fluid in the congested area resulting in swelling. When tape is applied on top of the injured area, the elastic properties of the tape induce a vertical lift of skin from the underlying tissue. Thus, the space between the skin and muscles decreases. Decreased space promotes the improved blood and lymphatic flow into and out of taped area which removes the injury wastes and pain generating chemicals out from the body which causes relief from the pain.

Advantages of kinesiology tape

  • Immediate relief from pain- Because of its lifting action, the kinesiology tape provides immediate and lasting relief from pain as it relieves pressure on pain receptors directly under the skin.
  • Continue your play even in injured muscles – Kinesiology tape prevents over- stretching and over – contraction of injured muscles. Therefore you can continue your play even in injury.
  • Increases strength of poorly toned muscles- Some disorders of muscles make muscles so weak that it is becomes difficult to do exercises that are important for proper functioning of the muscles. Kinesiology tapes provide support to these muscles and they improve the muscle activation also.
  • Endogenous analgesic system- Kinesiology tape works by allowing your body to heal itself. No medicine or drugs are used in kinesiology tape.
  • Reduces inflammation in your body’s tissue- Kinesiology tape improves blood and lymphatic circulation which reduces inflammation in your body’s tissue.
  • Removes by products – Kinesiology tape removes lactic acid and other by products from your body which improves muscle performance, reduce fatigue, cramps and DOMS from your body.

Precautions while using kinesiology tape

  • While applying kinesiology tape skin should be free from lotions or oil.
  • Do not swim or shower for at least one hour after application.
  • Do not apply this tape on any skin area that is damaged.
  • If you are using a roll of tape measure and cut carefully.
  • You should not apply this tape if you are a cancer patient.

Some suggestions to apply kinesiology tape 

  • You should contact your physician while applying this tape first time.
  • First, apply anchor end.
  • Then apply therapeutic end as instructed by the physician.
  • Then apply anchor end.

Premium Kinesiology tape is a great invention of science. It does not waste your time but heal sports injury and helps you to keep you play on. So, when will you start using it?

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