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About Us

Cheap Sports tape Retailers Australia


Discount Sports Tape was born out of our founders looking for a cheaper alternative to buying premium quality sports tape. Most of the time the end user of sports tape doesn't have time to dwell over the great packaging or marketing gimmicks which mainstream companies offer - they just need to get the tape on the ankle of the player.

The cost of sports tape can run into the thousands. So if we can save you upto 50% on your tape cost, that might mean a few extra luxuries at your local club - better showers, more sausages or half time oranges.

Our company is focused on selling in bulkso whether you are after one box of 32 rolls or 10 boxes, we can supply to you. 

Our Customers

We supply into every state and territory in Australia, and some of our typical customers include:

  • The local sports club up to professional sports clubs
  • The one man physio all the way to a chain of podiatry clinics
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Universities
  • Personal Trainers
  • Massages Therapists 
  • The occasional joggers 
  • Professional Athletes 

Our Guarantee 

We are so confident about our premium sports tape, that we offer on all our orders (big and small) a 30 days refund policy - no questions asked!