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Cheap Sports tape Retailers Australia

Why use sports tape?

Sports Tape can help aid recovery, assist performance & prevent injury.

How long will sports tape stay on?

It all depends on the application and the usage. Assuming best case - Low grade tape, will generally stick for 1-2 days and premium tape like ours will last 6-7 days. Much depends on the activity you will be doing and and the area on the body that the tape is applied. Our tape is water resistant, however we recommend that you keep it on for a maximum of 5 days for health reasons.

Why is my tape already coming off? 

The most common reason that your tape is coming off:

  1. The area in which it was applied was dirty (i.e still had grass / dirt / soil) from you last tackle and has not been cleaned off
  2. The person handling the tape handled the 'sticky' side 
  3. You applied water or ice on the surface of the tape without letting it 'set' 
  4. The tape had not 'set' on the skin and allowed the adhesion to activate

Generally, we recommend allowing the tape to set for 45-60 minutes before going out to battle.

Am I able to reuse the tape?

Sorry, its only good for one, and one time only!

Is there an easy way to remove the tape?

Yep, just rip it off, 1, 2.......3!

Do you offer Wholesale Pricing?

Our pricing is already wholesale pricing. We do offer further discounts to clubs, schools and practices. Please email our Wholesale team to find out further. 

When are order dispatched?

Orders are processed within 24 hours 

How long will delivery take?

Please refer to the delivery page 

Types of Payment

We accept Credit Card, Bank Deposit and Paypal as our main forms of payment

Incorrect Order Size

If you have incorrectly ordered the wrong the size, you are welcome to return to goods back to us. You will need to email


If you are not 100% happy with your sports tape, please email and we will be in touch to organise either a replacement or refund. Note that we can not refund the delivery charge.